Morning Green Smoothie


+ 1 c Kale

+ 1 c Spinach

+ 1/2 c Pineapple/Bluebs

+ 1 tbl Flax Meal

+ Ginger Root

+ Tumeric Root

+ ADD: 1 c of Favorite Nut Milk (Cashew Milk included in kit) or Coconut Water


  1. Lay bag flat in the freezer overnight and 1 c of Cashew Milk.
  2. Empty continents of the bag into a blender. Blend until ingredients are completely blended, 2 – 5 minutes depending on the blender.

Feel free to get creative with adding fruits or additional greens. Experiment and see what you like but this is a good base for a green smoothie. Get creative, play around and find your unique Green Smoothie!


Nutritional Facts 


green smoothie - nut facts

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