Meal Prep Chef Erika

Hi- my name is Erika, the Rich behind growing. The idea behind growingRich came from transforming my mindset on my diet and growing into the best version of myself. I first discovered I had celiacs at the age of 20. I cut gluten from my life, but came to distrust food as it was always sneaking its way into my meals. It wasn’t until I went Vegan at the age of 24 that I rediscovered my passion for cooking. I quickly came to understand what all the fuss was about with this new diet. After a few short months, some growing pains, I was living a 100% plant-based lifestyle. When I say growing pains, I mean it. Transitioning into a new world was not easy. I didn’t have much of a support system, few go to recipes and no idea if I was doing it right. Once I started researching and talking with doctors, I quickly came to trust myself and my food again.

Once I was nourishing my body with whole and healthy foods everything else started to fall into place after that. I had so much energy, I dove into hot yoga and found myself falling in love with the practice. Making 6am yoga apart of my every day routine. Which helped with my mental state of being. I no longer had a foggy brain or crashes during the day. It helped me in seeing things more clearly and from a new light, like I had never been able to experience before.

growingRich is growing into the best version of yourself and that starts with you diet. When your diet is right, everything else falls into place. I’m here to act as that cheerleader and chef to provide insight and knowledge from my experience, and good recipes. You don’t have to be plant-based 100% of your daily life, it’s a transition. But you will soon discover once you feel so good, it’ll be hard to lower your standards to feel anything but that.

Cooking Style:

My style is mainly tasty plant-based, but like you, I used to eat and cook meat, chicken, fish, everything.  For clients that aren’t 100% plant-based I will cook meats and seafoods, but by focusing on proper portion sizes, it’s often surprising to learn how much of the stuff you’ve been over eating.

I love Mexican style dishes, tacos are my jam! I enjoy finding new recipes to try daily and am always up for recommendations and requests.

Having celiacs I stick to a strict Gluten Free diet. Which is just an added perk for everyone I cook for.