Meal Prep Chef Erika

Hi – my name is Erika, the Rich behind growing. The idea behind growingRich came from transforming my mindset on my diet and growing into the best version of myself. I first discovered I had celiacs at the age of 20. I cut gluten from my life but came to distrust food because gluten seemed to always sneak its way into my meals. It wasn’t until I went plant-based and changed my relationship with food at the age of 24 that I rediscovered my passion for cooking. I quickly came to understand what all the fuss was about with plants and organic.

Once I was nourishing my body with whole and healthy foods everything else started to fall into place after that. I had so much energy.

growingRich is growing into the best version of yourself.

Cooking Style:

My style is mainly tasty plant-based, but like you, I used to eat and cook meat, chicken, fish, everything.  For clients that aren’t 100% plant-based, I prefer only to cook seafood.

I love Mexican style dishes, tacos are my jam! I enjoy finding new recipes to try daily and am always up for recommendations and requests.

Having celiacs I stick to a strict Gluten-Free diet.